The Virtual Reading Gym has found a unique way to teach the challenged reader how to be a better reader. It’s an online reading programme that learns about you and it teaches you based on your reading challenges.

Our unique and effective online remedial reading programme is now licensed to the prestigious Oxford University Press (OUP). Henceforth it will be known as the Oxford Reading Safari.


Our online, tailored reading programme can help you.

Reading unlocks learning, opens imaginations and helps realise dreams. You can make a difference.

What is the Virtual Reading Gym?
The Virtual Reading Gym is an online remedial reading programme developed by experienced and respected Speech Language Therapist Elizabeth Nadler-Nir of Cape Town. The VRG is dual purpose. It is a useful tool for speech and language therapists in their own therapy rooms or with reading partners at home, schools or at work. The challenged reader's partner could be a parent, older child or anyone who has a superior reading ability.

What makes the Virtual Reading Gym unique?
The VRG has the crucial and unique ability to identify a challenged reader's area of weakness and then to tailor itself to working on and remediating those problems. It is designed for school age children who may not be able to access or afford reading therapy.
What kind of readers will benefit from using VRG?

Readers with reading challenges who can read English at a basic grade 2 level

Readers who don’t like reading

Delayed readers of any age (using content from grade 2- grade 8 level)

Readers whose home language is not English

Readers who love to work for rewards and enjoy instant feedback on progress
How does the Virtual Reading Gym work?
With the Virtual Reading Gym the remedial reader now works online alongside a real life mentor who could be a therapist themselves, a parent, a responsible and committed older child or a teacher. Child and mentor work through a series of reading passages starting with the easiest and getting progressively more challenging.

Each piece comes with a set of questions and together they test the child’s reading speed, accuracy, comprehension and vocabulary.

Why remedial readers enjoy the programme?
The programme has been designed with an inbuilt reward system. The child cleans up a polluted city with each successive victory. Children find it fun and mentors enjoy it too, but most importantly progress is as real and the results measurable.

Affordable and accessible, the Virtual Reading Gym is an online remedial reading therapy that has been designed by professionals with proven results.

In the news:
Reading is not a natural ability—it needs to be developed through lots and lots of practice and a great deal of encouragement. For many this process is painless, but for others, it is fraught with difficulty and struggles. In fact, acquiring this essential skill can be an incredibly frustrating experience for some. Education experts do not all agree about what percentage of the population has a diagnosable reading disorder such as dyslexia, but it is very clear that while kids all read at different ages and stages, some otherwise average intelligence people find reading an unusually hard slog.

Important Notice
If you want a full assessment done on the reader you will need to consult a therapist or reading teacher.
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