"I am very excited about the VRG and its innovative approach to reading based on best available evidence. In the context of a reading crisis in South Africa I am confident that this type of intervention could offer a scalable solution that could have an enormous impact on basic education in South Africa – as well as other places around the world."

Dr Michelle Pascoe (PHD), Senior Lecturer and Research Chair, University of Cape Town.
The Virtual Reading Gym has found a unique way to teach the challenged reader how to be a better reader. It’s an online reading programme which learns about the remedial reader and it teaches them based on their reading challenges.
"Children loved the programme. The readers and mentors benefited and were enriched."
Remedial Teacher

How this online, tailored reading tool works:

  • Levels the reader
  • Uses the readers errors to generate training exercises
  • Teaches phonics with voice prompts
  • Teaches vocabulary and comprehension
  • Uses repeated reading for fluency
  • Uses environmental game with rewards
  • With a reading partner be it parent, sibling, friend, volunteer, teacher, remedial teacher or therapist
VRG can be used:

  • at schools, online or on a network
  • at home online
  • at remedial practices, online or on a network
  • at any organisation’s facilities that have internet access or a stable computer network
Watch to see how each section works
Is the VRG based on solid theory and research?

  • The VRG has strong theoretical underpinnings.
  • Content, sequencing, format and structure is based on academic literature relating to literacy, language and learning.
  • Links between language and literacy: the VRG has a heavy focus on building vocabulary, and making links between morphology, syntax and phonology so that word representations can be stored and remembered (Stackhouse and Wells, 2001).
  • Children need repeated opportunities and exposure to reading passages to improve their reading. Children who experience difficulties reading will do so for different reasons. Reading interventions thus need to be tailored to an individual child’s strengths and weaknesses (Bowyer-Crane et al.,2007).
  • VRG uses pre-intervention assessment to determine a child’s strengths and difficulties. This ensures that intervention starts at the appropriate level and with the right balance between accuracy, rate and comprehension. It also draws heavily on a child’s own specific reading errors, so that children learn exactly what is relevant.
  • Used successfully in Elizabeth Nadler-Nir’s Practice for over three years with speech language therapists for readers with dyslexic and language delays.
  • Clinical case studies were presented at the British Dyslexia Conference in Oxford in 2016.
  • The programme has been utilised by researchers at UCT who focus on peer mentorship research at schools.
"As a Speech-Language therapist with a special interest in language and literacy I found the VRG very exciting to work with."
Jane le Roux, Speech and Language Therapist, Clinical Educator, University of Cape Town.

What kind of readers will benefit from using VRG?

Readers with reading challenges who can read English at a basic grade 2 level

Readers who don’t like reading

Delayed readers of any age (using content from grade 2- grade 8 level)

Readers whose home language is not English

Readers who love to work for rewards and enjoy instant feedback on progress

Rates: organisations, parents & guardians


Pricing for organisationsthree (3) monthssix (6) monthsnine (9) monthsa year
1 to 5 children:€25 / $30 / £22
upfront, per child
€46 / $55 / £40
upfront, per child
€67 / $80 / £59
upfront, per child
€88 / $105 / £77
upfront, per child
6-10 children:€24 / $28 / £21
upfront, per child
€44 / $51 / £39
upfront, per child
€64 / $75 / £56
upfront, per child
€84 / $98 / £74
upfront, per child
More than 10 children:€22 / $27 / £20
upfront, per child
€40 / $50 / £37
upfront, per child
€59 / $72 / £53
upfront, per child
€77 / $95 / £70
upfront, per child
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