"Nothing motivates L to read. In all our years of trying to get him to read nothing has helped. It honestly feels like the only way I get him to read voluntarily is on the VRG."   Parent.
The Virtual Reading Gym has found a unique way to teach the challenged reader how to be a better reader. It’s an online reading programme that learns about you and it teaches you based on your reading challenges.
"It helped me read more and it helped me read faster"   Reader

"My reader absolutely LOVED the VRG and she learned lots of new things!!"   Mentor

It is a great worry to parents, guardians and their children when reading is a problem. The ability to read is fundamental to many activities from reading a cell phone message to interpreting the symbols presented in a math’s problem. It is not always possible to get a child to the speech and language professionals who could help. It may be too expensive. The VRG is a solution that can really help. You need an electronic device, internet access, a few hours a week and a mentor to work with your child. You can get real help for a challenged reader. You and they will be able to see actual improvements and have fun while doing so. Children love the game format and reward system of the VRG.
How this online, tailored reading tool works.

The key is the tailored approach:
  • It levels the reader by means of reading a levelling passage which helps determine what level a reader is at and also at what level they should start the programme.
  • Uses the readers errors to generate training exercises
  • Teaches phonics with voice prompts
  • Teaches vocabulary and comprehension
  • Uses repeated reading for fluency
  • Environmental theme rewards
  • Fun reading with a mentor be it at home with a parent, sibling, friend or with a therapist or teacher at school.
Watch to see how each section works
Is the VRG based on solid theory and research?
What kind of readers will benefit from using VRG?

Readers with reading challenges who can read English at a basic grade 2 level

Readers who don’t like reading

Delayed readers of any age (using content from grade 2- grade 8 level)

Readers whose home language is not English

Readers who love to work for rewards and enjoy instant feedback on progress

Please contact us at info@virtualreadinggym.co.za for UK rates
three (3) monthssix (6) monthsnine (9) monthsa year
Pricing for parents & guardiansR450
upfront, per child
upfront, per child
upfront, per child
upfront, per child

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